Balmain Terrace Completed


The intricate, critical and often difficult details have come together with impressive ease in Andrew’s finished homes. What a project to showcase Benn and Penna’s incredible design skill and crafting abilities. Our hat is off to Andrew and Alice for a fantastic journey and trusting us with your beautiful terraces. Special mention to Alan O aka. ‘the lord’, you are a true craftsman, along with cousin Graham and uncle Benny for your detailed timber skill. And to Juzza.. just the right job to cut your apprenticeship teeth on.. well done. Finally huge thanks to Sue Benn for always being so encouraging and supportive to our team and our work…We really appreciated it. Check out Balmain Terraces as stunningly portrayed by Kata.

balmain-complete-2 balmain-complete-3 balmain-complete-4 balmain-complete-5 balmain-complete-6