Our Clients

“Both meticulous in detail and broad in their understanding of Architectural concepts, Join Constructions are a versatile and highly organised team of builders. They have continually delivered on the high expectations we ask of our projects and are a pleasure to work with.”


“Join’s approach to building ticks all of the boxes.”

Professionalism, impeccable paperwork, quality workmanship and bringing projects in on budget and on time makes Join stand out as a building team.

Their attention to detail – on all levels – is second to none. From the outset, their tender package for our current project at Mosman was comprehensive and competitive. Join won the project and has followed through with a great result. Join offer an effective team. It’s reassuring to know Ian is always on-site and up-to-speed, fully supported by Scott and Josh’s excellent project management.

Join are an absolute delight to work with. They’re honest, always accommodating, great with clients and neighbours alike and fair and reasonable. Their attitude and work is immensely appreciated by our practice. We very much hope to work with Ian and Josh on more projects in the near future.


“We enjoy working with Join because they enjoy building.”

The reality is that building is not a smooth process and we want to be confident that the builder can handle serious problems. In our last project with Join, the cabinetmaker went into administration – Josh was immediately at the factory collecting the client’s appliances before the gates were locked and he managed to put into place an excellent replacement in a remarkably short time.

Josh and Ian attempt to outsmart each other (and us) in terms of suggesting improvements and solutions to design and construction problems. This makes site visits an enjoyable experience, where everyone is trying to get the best result. Importantly, the clients can recognise this dynamic.

Join have professional processes and systems in place that differentiate them from most residential builders. They have contract administrators in the office who keep one step ahead of the site to ensure that everything is selected and finalised before it is required.

We explain to clients that Join are a small company, but they have their systems set up as though they are a large company and that makes everything work more efficiently.

Join make us look good and we trust Josh and Ian. We use them as often as we can.


“Join epitomises care, professionalism and efficiency.”

Traditional thinking associates building construction with stress, delays and exceeded budgets. Not so with Join Constructions.

From the initial consultation to the final handshake the company epitomises care, professionalism and efficiency. This is a team that took the time to listen to our requirements, then deliver the highest quality level of craftsmanship. Our medical practice was completed in record time, and we could always trust on Josh and Ian to find solutions rather than problems.

The pride and passion they take in their work is reflected by the final product, which exceeded all our expectations.