Transforming elegant design into beautifully built homes.

As a contemporary home builder we’re dedicated to building beautiful, architect-designed homes. In everything we do we are motivated by the following deeply-held values.


Creative design inspires us and we value architecture that enriches people’s lives. We consider it a privilege to build refined, architectural homes. 


We understand it takes a team of dedicated professionals to create something special. At every step we maintain strong, transparent relationships and communicate clearly with clients, architects, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.


Clear communication is the foundation of an enjoyable process and a successful project. At every stage we make it clear how much has been spent and how much will need to be spent to complete the project. We also make it clear how long the project will take and revise timelines as the project advances. Our goal is to make the building process smooth, enjoyable and transparent.


Efficient systems ensure each project runs smoothly. Through extensive experience, helpful technology and dedication to detail we’ve developed a project management system to support our building of bespoke architectural homes.


JOIN is an authentic, service oriented company and we all share the same respectful attitude toward others. We love exceeding our clients expectations throughout the project right down to the final handover of their beautifully built home.


The elegant homes we’ve built proudly showcase our commitment to quality and detail. From start to finish we diligently attend to every detail in our goal to build homes that are wonderful to look at and inspiring to live in. Using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, our homes are built to minimise maintenance and last for generations to come.

Our Team

Josh Leong  Director

Inspired by architectural design, Josh is passionate about transforming elegant design into beautifully built homes. Together with his business partners, Josh has established a highly regarded construction company who take great pride in their work. Josh has over 20 years experience in the industry and works hard to grow supportive relationships with his clients, based around honesty, professionalism and a desire to go above and beyond.

Professionalism, impeccable paperwork, quality workmanship and bringing projects in on budget and on time makes JOIN stand out as a building team. Their attention to detail, on all levels, is second to none.

Belinda Koopman, Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Ian Gribble  Director

Motivated by his passion for quality construction, Ian has built a reputation in the industry for excellence and attention to detail. Ian is a highly motivated project planner with over 30 years experience in building and site coordination. As a licensed builder with an extensive background in carpentry and joinery, Ian is able to transform the vision of architects and clients into a beautifully constructed reality.

Both meticulous in detail and broad in their understanding of Architectural concepts, JOIN are a versatile and highly organised team of builders. They have continually delivered on the high expectations we ask of our projects and are a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Benn, Penna+Benn Architects